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In early 2023, Sarah B Music Studio and Brian Elder Music joined together to create Elder Music, LLC. In the fall of 2022, God paved the way for this musical pair to meet and they've been inseparable since. With a love of Jesus, music, and each other, they set out in hopes that Elder Music Studio will reach even more young musicians, helping them to grow in their love of music as well as in their individual lives. 

Sarah Elder
Brian Elder

Sarah Elder

Brian Elder

Mrs. Elder has been teaching privately for over twenty years and worked with school band programs for ten. She has a Bachelor of Music in K-12 Instrumental Music Education, an endorsement in vocal/general music education, is Orff-Schulwerk certified, and a member of NAfME, MTNA, VMEA, and VBODA. Before moving to the West Point area, she taught music for over ten years in the Nashville area, played in the Tennessee All Collegiate Band, Merchants of Cool Jazz Ensemble, led worship around the east coast, and traveled with MACU's One Voice as a worship leader and musician. Mrs. Elder is a vocalist, saxophonist, and elementary woodwind and piano educator. She considers teaching not just a passion but a great privilege. "I'm blessed to be able to share my love of music with students everywhere. I get to watch them mature, not just in the realm of music, but in life." 


In her free time, Mrs. Elder likes to drink extra-chocolate mochas in fun music cozies, read, play music, and spend time with her husband, daughter, and silly doodle side-kick, Bailey.

Brian Elder is a guitarist and singer / songwriter with music that ranges across multiple genres from Christian Rock to Country. Brian currently performs at churches around the Tidewater area, recently performed on a prison ministry tour in Florida, and is a returning performer at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA for the 2023 spring/summer core season. Also being an actor, director and filmmaker, Brian has a passion for telling stories through both mediums. You can find him on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Although he stays busy performing, Brian loves sharing music with beginner musicians and makes time to connect with them throughout the week. “I want my story, my music, and my films to touch others lives in a positive way”. - Brian Elder

In his free time, Brian enjoys performing, writing music, adventuring through the woods, and spending time with his family.

Check out Brian Elder Music HERE

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Bailey, the "Teacher's Pet"

Bailey enjoys sleeping near the piano during music lessons and occasionally popping up on the piano bench to say, "howdy doodle-you-do" and listen to student performances. In his spare time, Bailey is an avid runner, ball player, and lover of all things outdoors.

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